is the INDIA’s Best & Most Trusted SEO Marketplace and Digital Services Marketplace where you can BUY & SELL various SEO services, Digital Marketing Services and Social Media Marketing Services which are required for increasing your website rank on various search engines and marketing your products and services on Internet & Social Media. is a proud venture of Sarvotarzan, which is a Top Level Digital Marketing Company in India since 2003.

  • We have developed this marketplace so that the Indian Digital Services Sellers don’t have to rush to foreign SEO marketplaces for selling their services.
  • We had found that there have been frequent incidents of Blocking of Money by International Money Wallets used by Indian Digital Services Sellers which has created a huge financial insecurity and uncertainty among Indian Sellers. Most of the times they didn’t get the money when they actually required it.
  • Also many buyers have said that they have been duped multiple times by fake foreign marketplaces. Either they didn’t get their money back OR the service thus delivered was of very low quality.
  • Another problem is, Indian buyers and sellers are not vey handy with English Conversation which eventually resulted in termination of their accounts and losing their money.
  • Foreign Digital Marketplaces are out of India and they don’t answer the e-mails very frequently.
  • There is no contact no. so you can’t call any concerned person of marketplace and sort out the problems. 

So Team Sarvotarzan thought that why not we create a SEO Marketplace and Digital Services Marketplace exclusively meant for Indian Buyers & Sellers where both buyers and sellers can Call / E-mail / Chat with Team Sarvotarzan anytime and we can sort out their problems asap resulting in their growth. We also have very transparent policy for payment terms of sellers which helps in business building of sellers.

Usually these services are sold by various SEO Consultants in much higher price. You can understand about these services in a better way by visiting following page.


Team@Sarvotarzan is continuously working hard for making it sure that all these high quality services may reach to the average website owner.

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