How to choose SEO agency?

  1. For pretty basic fact to notice, a good SEO agency should always have good results for its own website. It must be at least in first 3 pages for some of its medium competition business keywords if not in the first Page on a major search engine.
  2. It must also have some of its client’s websites on the first page of a major search engine for their business keywords.
  3. Always check the reputation of an SEO agency via social media. Happy customers always share good work while angry ones will tell you the worst experience. Even if the ratio of Happy Customers: Angry Customers is 3:2 then it’s a good agency.
  4. Sometimes the agencies block the reviews on social media platforms to prevent them from fake reviews so don’t judge them on the basis of fake reviews. So, in that case, you can search for single product reviews on the website.
  5. Genuine SEO agencies will always have a proper contract containing time period, specific results, keywords & amount of money with at least 75% money back guarantee in case the things don’t go well.
  6. There might be some changes in the quality of links thus provided but the sole aim must be to increase the SERP ranks so you should wait for at least 3-4 weeks for indexing work of SEO Agency.
  7. Check the domain age of SEO Agency, the older – the better. You can also check the Contact information of SEO Agency.
  8. Currently, there is a trend of buying SEO services from SEO MArketplace so you can always try, The Best SEO Marketplace.
  9. At last, its always to chat with the agency about the results/services needed. Shady sellers usually don’t reply accurately.
  10. If buying from SEO Marketplace start with small amount service & then go for bigger amount services. Also, be sure of 100% Money Back Guarantee else you may lose money.

What should raise red flags when hiring an SEO agency?

  1. Fake SEO agency might make unrealistic promises to take your website on the first page in just 1 week or something.
  2. Fake SEO agency usually quotes extremely low budget for getting the project but they fail as soon as 2 months are over.
  3. Fake SEO agency might not ask for implementing an On-page SEO for your website.
  4. Fake SEO agency might not provide you the business keywords acc. to your website.
  5. Fake SEO agency might not provide any weekly reports / monthly reports of the work done.

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