There are many questions when we hear about Negative Online Reviews, like:

  1. are most online reviews negative?
  2. what to do about negative online reviews?
  3. dealing with negative online reviews?
  4. how to handle negative online reviews?
  5. how to remove negative online reviews?
  6. how to combat negative online reviews?
  7. how to respond to negative online reviews?
  8. how to get rid of negative reviews online?

We will sort out all of your questions here:

We found following actions to be the best for tackling with Fake Reviews:

  1. First & Foremost rule, never ever indulge in bullying / dirty fight with negative/fake customer online. It will only make things worse.
  2. Ask for a reason along with the order details so that you can provide an exact explanation for its negative review. Fake reviewers usually don’t have any order id or any order details so post this on their review so that others may know about their malpractices.
  3. A real angry buyer will always post on multiple platforms for making its voice heard and will always reply to your comments along with their problems and the order details but the fake ones will not. So make sure that your ORM is not manhandling the real angry buyers.
  4. Whether the reviewer is fake or not, you can check this via checking its profile. If it is fake, then it would have done similar paid negative reviews of other companies too. Be it Facebook, Quora, Google, Twitter, Instagram or any other platform these profiles are always used for a bombardment of fake reviews. So it will definitely have a long list of previous dirty work. If it does not respond to your You can take a screenshot of his past such activities and post them on such reviews so that your potential buyers may get to know about their fake review activities. If they don’t have the previous filthy track record it means that the profiles have been created just to target your company, then also you ask them the basic required details. They will obviously won’t answer those questions and people will get to know about their shady activities.
  5. The bombing of fake reviews usually takes place in a shorter period of time so smart buyers always know that those are fake reviews.
  6. Fake reviewers will always have some shady names and locations so if you are a country-specific business then it’s helpful for you but if your company is having international buyers then it won’t help.
  7. Once you will start responding fake reviewers then the attacking profiles will reduce the attack as it will only deplete their resources without any significant effect on your reputation.
  8. If possible have a dedicated ORM (Online Reputation Management) Team for handling such activities else the CRM Team may also handle the issues. The ORM Team must always look out for such negative content over the internet and take required actions to mitigate the effects.
  9. So, the key is, differentiate between fake and angry buyer & not to indulge in any fights and ask them nicely about their problems and order details. Real angry customers will definitely respond to you while fake ones will not. And the online customers know this very well.

Team Sarvotarzan has taken many ORM projects of various MNCs but due to confidentiality clause we could not reveal their name but the gist of all strategies was the same above quoted points.