Top 20 Tips on How to do Quora Marketing without getting Banned?

Quora is literally a Goldmine in terms of SEO & lead generation but the problem is, you just can’t exploit Quora by placing your backlinks in every answer. Google loves backlinks from Quora and People love answers on Quora and directly connect with users who answer them or clicks on the hyperlinks provided in the answers. But the moment you start marketing your products or services on Quora aggressively, Quora will block your profile, so its best to learn these best Quora hacks before getting too much excited and eventually blocking your profile.

  1. First, understand that why Quora is important for the SEO point of view along with lead generation point of view.
    1. Google increases your rank if your answers are the first answers in any question and the best part is, it will even feature it on its search results snippets.
    2. Even though the links from Quora are no-follow links but Google loves Quora backlinks and definitely increases the rank.
  2. The best Quora hack is, even if you could not make to the first answer of the question, you can create/edit a wiki answer for that question. But if you are creating a wiki answer then make sure that you are not bluntly putting your own company name/hyperlink only. Select the top 10-15 names and include yourself into it. If you will only put your own name, chances are, your competitor or others will delete/edit the wiki answer. Even though placing your website name/link does not help in SEO, but it immensely helps in lead generation as most of the people will directly connect with wiki answer companies.
  3. Another biggest hack is, you have to select the Top 100-200 best-viewed answers for placing your best content and try to write not more than 3-5 answers per day. Don’t start answering every question every answer that comes around in your way.
  4. Try to find out the most viewed authors in your category and find which answers they have written. Start with the lowest number of questions done by any most viewed author.
  5. Make an excel sheet of questions in decreasing order of their views and answer them one by one slowly.
  6. Myth: Asking questions on Quora helps you in gaining some SEO ranks or lead generation. Actual: No, it’s not. Google does give any SEO credit to any hyperlink connected to the question so it’s a waste of time to requesting people to answer your questions.
  7. Don’t always place “your website .com“ every time you write the answer. You can also place website dot com and people will understand your site name and it will protect you from Quora auto content crawling bots.
  8. Don’t ever copy and paste the same content more than 2 times. If you really don’t want to create new content, at least spin the text before pasting.
  9. Don’t use your own website hyperlinks bluntly in every answer you write. One hyperlink per 5th answer is ok.
  10. Usually, Quora does not block profiles. The problem starts when your content becomes little viral & your content is selected by Quora for mailing to its top users than as a part of its policy Quora does tight scrutiny of all the answers selected by it. Now if your answer is not according to policies of Quora then it will just delete it without even notifying or asking. After that, it will even check your other answers for policy breach and if more than 100 answers are not acc. to its policy then it will delete the answers as well as the profile. So better be sure not to make the content extremely viral. Another thing is if someone reports your answer for policy breach then also it will be deleted so it’s better not to make too much of rivals on Quora.
  11. Google loves Quora so it’s highly recommended to become active on Quora without bluntly marketing your business.
  12. Myth: You have to place a backlink of your website link then only it will help in your SEO. Actual: It’s not 2003 so Google understands if your website name appears in the top answers of Quora.
  13. Follow other Quorans and request them to read & upvote your answer.
  14. Write a good & short bio in your profile. Remember, you can use hyperlinks, images, YouTube video thumbnails so make them as attractive as you can so that if someone comes to your profile, he is bound to remember your name.
  15. If possible, make a profile of start-up cofounder and let him or marketing team use that profile else people from marketing team can also create their profile and answer user’s queries. People really love that a co-founder is taking out some time and answering their queries.
  16. At least write 1 genuine answer requested by others in 5 answers so that Quora understands that you are helping others in the community.
  17. Don’t write more than 5 answers with a proper lag in answers in a day else Quora will know that you are copy pasting the answers or behaving like a bot.
  18. Don’t try to exploit the Quora coz you can’t. Quora block the profile even if you are most viewed author and present on the platform for a couple of years.
  19. Quora is a bittersweet fruit for marketers which tastes good only if eaten in a very slow way.
  20. You can also try to cheat Quora by creating multiple fake profiles and upvoting your own answers so that they might come at the first rank and can get you everything you wanted but remember the one thing, the moment you came to the first rank of any top answer, rule no. 10.

How do we know all this, coz we have literally blocked our Top 3 profiles with more than 1 million views just for understanding the rules of Quora World so either you can follow these rules or can simply block your profile to experiment? Good Luck 🙂

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