Why do You need Social Media Marketing, because if we talk about Social Media, there are certain names that comes in our mind like Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Pinterest, Blogger, Tumblr, Digg It, Delicious, Reddit and so many that even I don’t remember. The point is we know about social media but rarely have an idea when it comes to “How to market your products and services on social media?”

The answer is pretty simple, since beginning we are using Social media for personal use and never took it for marketing perspectives. But when we enter into an entrepreneurial life or professional one, we hear a lot of buzz about social media marketing and we have no clue about what people are talking about.

The idea is that you show your products and services on your selected social media platforms along with full description and let the people decide whether they love it or not. Believe me; it’s always best to ask people about what they want and how we can solve their problem. If people like your product it will automatically be marketed and if not, it’s best to redesign it.

Let’s take a good example of product marketing on Facebook.

  1. We create a product fan page for our audience.
  2. We post related articles so that our end consumers may get to know our products better.
  3. We get responses for the same.
  4. We invite people to like our page.
  5. We share it by tagging our fans.
  6. Post regularly; atleast 3 times a week

So these are the basic strategies which must be followed in order to market our products. But, wait, is it enough? No its not. So what should we do? The reply is simple.

  1. We should expand our horizon by taking the services of Facebook experts who can post your products to a page / groups of 5 million (Say) users for better exposure.
  2. You can also buy Facebook fan page likes for your fan page for increasing your likes upto 50,000 or 1,00,000. Usually I am not a very good admirer of purchased fan page likes as these users usually have no interest in your products so whenever you post anything the post reach will be very low as most of these users will unfollow your page after liking it.
  3. But as we know, it is very hard to convince people to like your page when it has only 50 likes rather when it has 50,000 likes. The thing is no matter if you have purchased the likes or not, people will have more faith in you once it has huge amount of fans.
  4. At https://www.sarvotarzan.com/product-category/social-media-marketing/ you can almost buy all the services related to social media.
  5. You can run a Facebook marketing campaign and if you have any problem in that, you can hire a consultant for doing a job.
  6. Google love your presence on social media and has a constant retrieval of your information provided on social media.
  7. Also I will suggest that it’s best if you can showcase your products on blogs. Have a blog feature on your website or you can also create the one on blogger.com , www.wordpress.com etc. Google really loves the links from these sites.

We can easily understand from here that irrespective of your social media platform choice, your main motive should be to engage the audience 24/7.

Also there can be several social media marketing platforms but if you are a small company, we would like to suggest you to take only four.

  1. facebook.com
  2. twitter.com
  3. pinterest.com (If you have photo posts)
  4. youtube.com (If you have video posts)

Stay Connected, Stay Intelligent!!

Team @Sarvotarzan